About IRAJ International Journals

IRAJ International Journals is a renowned platform dedicated to promoting and disseminating high-quality research across various fields of science, engineering, technology, and management. With a commitment to academic excellence and innovation, we provide a global platform for researchers, scholars, and professionals to share their findings and contribute to the advancement of knowledge.

10 Years of Publication!

IRAJ International Journals recently completed 10 years of Publication and achieved a new high in the field of Academic and Scientific research publication.

Our extensive range of peer-reviewed referred international journals covers diverse disciplines, including but not limited to

      Computer Science
      Electrical Engineering
      Mechanical Engineering
      Civil Engineering
      Information Technology
      Electronics and Communication
      Business Management and Leadership
      Healthcare and Medicine
      General Science
      Sociology, Humanities and Educational Research


Each journal follows a rigorous review process, ensuring the publication of original and significant research that meets international standards.

Our user-friendly website provides easy access to our extensive collection of journals, allowing researchers to browse through the latest research papers, articles, and reviews. With a simple search function and well-organized categories, finding relevant content becomes effortless. Each journal page provides detailed information about the scope, aims and objectives, editorial board, and submission guidelines, ensuring authors have a clear understanding of the publishing process.

Authors can submit their research papers online through our secure and efficient manuscript submission system. Our experienced editorial team, comprised of subject matter experts, ensures a thorough review process and maintains the highest standards of scholarly publishing. We prioritize timely publication and aim to provide authors with constructive feedback to enhance the quality of their research.

In addition to our journals, IRAJ International Journals also organizes various

      International Conferences
      National and International seminars and Expert lectures
      Online Conferences
      Scientific and Technical webinars

where researchers can present their work, network with peers, and explore emerging trends in their respective fields. These events facilitate meaningful discussions and collaborations, fostering a dynamic research ecosystem.

We invite researchers, scholars, and professionals from all disciplines to join us on our journey toward knowledge dissemination and innovation. Explore our journals, submit your research, and become a part of the IRAJ International Journals community today!

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